The New Yahoo Mail Sucks

Yes it does, that’s what our readers have been telling us. One of the most searched term on our blog is about How to get back to Yahoo Mail Classic, people are really annoyed by the new design of Yahoo Mail and were always looking for a way back to the older version.

This happens with every service, not just Yahoo, people don’t really like changes. It has happened with Facebook too, Facebook keeps making changes to its website, and the users hate it.

Once you get used to the design, boom, and there is another design change done on the website.

But Yahoo went one step ahead, it is forcing everyone to switch to the newer version, though there is a way back to Older Yahoo Mail but that’s not going to work forever.

Yahoo has now decided to shut down the older version leaving their users no option but to upgrade to the newer version or leave the service.

I know many people who have stopped using Yahoo for sole purpose of it.

Yahoo is trying to revive themselves as the cool internet company but leaving their old users in the midway is not a good move.

grey The New Yahoo Mail Sucks

Want to move to another Email Service? Try Outlook or Gmail, they have been making a lot of improvements in Email and keeping the Inbox clutter free. They are worth checking out.

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