Charging paused. Voltage too high Problem (Solved)

Today morning, after turning my alarm off at 7 AM, I faced a weird problem with my Galaxy Note, when I disconnected the charger from the phone. it prompted me with an message alert ‘Charging Paused – Voltage Too High’, it kept promoting every minute since I removed it from the charger. The funny part was, when I connected it again with the charger, it was charging again (normally), and there was no message showing again. grey Charging paused. Voltage too high Problem (Solved)

I powered off the charger, without disconnecting it this time, and again, it behaved normally. Same thing happened when I tried charging it by connecting it to my Computer. I switched the phone off and the problem still existed. I came to a conclusion that the Micro USB cable has to be connected to the phone in order to behave normally. I searched for the solution in various Android related forums on the internet, and came to know about the possible reasons for this as there were so many people who were facing this problem, not one Galaxy Note users but Samsung Galaxy S 2 users as well. The other thing to notice was, it happened only after the phones have been upgraded to ICS.

Few things that doesn’t solve the problem

Even though, I strongly feel it is because of some bug in ICS and it can be corrected with some minor update from Mobile phone manufacturer. Here are few things people are doing to solve the problem, but it won’t help. . Take the Battery out from the phone and keep the phone dismantled for an hour or so. Then put the battery in the phone and switch it on. Do a hard reset by going to Settings- Back up and reset. Install a Custom ROM / Root your Android.

How to Solve the Problem

grey Charging paused. Voltage too high Problem (Solved)

As I said, the issue is with ICS, it prompts with a message, whereas others might be facing the same problem but they don’t get the message. The problem is with the micro USB slot on the phone, as it is open to the air, it can gather dust particles which are creating this problem by short circuiting it, when the micro USB cable is plugged in, it prevents the short circuit. What you can do is, you can clean the micro USB slot with a piece of paper. IT has solved my problem for now. If you faced the same problem and found a solution, please leave your messages in the comment below.

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