6 Things to Keep Your Computer Fast Forever

grey 6 Things to Keep Your Computer Fast ForeverYou bought a Core 2 Duo computer few months ago and now it works like it has Pentium 3 processor. Well, there are few thing you can do to keep it as fast as you bought it few months ago.


grey 6 Things to Keep Your Computer Fast ForeverInstall Less Applications on your Computer

An Application is free doesn’t mean you have to install it on your PC. Few people are obsessed with installing useless Applications to their Computer, even if they are never going to use it. It takes space in your Computer and east memory. Better to uninstall all the unwanted applications.


grey 6 Things to Keep Your Computer Fast ForeverDefragment Your Hard Disks

You keep copying, moving and deleting files on your Hard Drive. This makes your Hard Drives unorganized. Defragmentation will remove the spaces and organize your HD to make to respond more faster. This increases the Speed  of your PC.


grey 6 Things to Keep Your Computer Fast ForeverDelete Temporary Internet Files

You browse hundreds of websites everyday, thee are various things which are downloaded to your computer locally. like cookies, image files etc. So that the next time you Open the same website, you will get a personalized experience. But this also affects the performance of your PC. You should remove them on a periodically.


grey 6 Things to Keep Your Computer Fast ForeverRestart Your Computer Daily

Few guys use the easy method of closing down their Computers, They either put it ot standby or Hibernate it. This also affects your PC as a proper sleep is important to everybody. Even to Computers.


grey 6 Things to Keep Your Computer Fast ForeverKeep Your OS Updated

not every OS is perfect, they get updates where smalls bugs are fixed. So, if you though updates are not that important, you are mistaken, every update is going to fix and issue in the OS which also affect the Performance of your PC. Always turn the automatic updates on.



grey 6 Things to Keep Your Computer Fast ForeverControl Automatic Startup of Applications

There are a bunch of applications which automatically start at the time of Computer startup, they increase the boot time of your Computer. Control the startup of application in your PC and reduce the boot time.



If you follow only these 6 things, your Computer will always be the same. You can use CCleaner also to keep your PC run fast and smooth.

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